About Me

My ultimate goal is for my clients to love the home that they are in.

Hi There! I’m Amy Wheaton, Owner and Operator of Kvell Design

My design skills range from remodeling, space planning, and finish selections to furnishings room by room or whole home renovations and set up for you to be ready to move into.

My approach to design is to be organic, elevated casual and relatable to busy families. I like to work as a collaborative with my clients. My utmost goal is to make you love them home you have in a way that is comfortable and affordable.

Great Attention To Detail

I Innovate And Bring New Possibilities In The Interior Design Of Each House

Details matter! Its not just the quality of the items selected to integrate into a space but it is so important on how well they play off of each other. Comfort and style can really live together by being very selective and intentional with your design direction.

I’m Specialized In The Management Of Interior Design, Furniture Projects & Full Home Set Up

Furniture Selection is a very personal intimate decision. You always want the beauty but you NEED the function. If furnishings are uncomfortable for the occupant it is irrelevent how good they may look.

The Desire to spend time in a space and make that space your own is where a collaborative effort is essential with design, Communicating with clients, listening to their wants and needs is a balanced skill set that I have learned over the years and something I pride myself on with my business.

Finish selections can become very intimidating to clients as there is so many options to choose from. My specialty is to keep things simple and help you make selections that are timeless and appeal to your personal sense of style.

Helping to educate clients on how to care for their finish choices is also of great importance to me as a designer. There are so many wonderful options that appeal to many but if they are not right for your lifestyle in the end, they will not suit you and will take a toll on your investment. I assist in lessening that burden.

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