What is Kvell?

Kvell means to feel or express pride about something or someone; to be bursting with pride; to be happy or show satisfaction. It comes from the Yiddish word “kveln,” which means to well up.

After a lot of brainstorming on what to call my business, I was not able to settle on any of the options I had come up with. I often peruse blogs, Instagram and Pinterest before bed and on this occasion I ended up on Thesaurus.com. There it was – Kvell – as the word of the day. I love the meaning and the way the word looks visually.

For my logo, dragonflies are special to me and I wanted that to be part of my brand. The dragonfly represents change, self-realization and a deeper meaning of life. Using the dragon fly is meant to represent a change of space and redefining ordinary. The gold surrounding the dragon fly represents a gold standard of care for clients throughout their project. Placing the dragonfly Inside of the gold box, to me,  represents change within, through interior design.