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Amy Wheaton

owner and operator

Amy Wheaton is the owner and operator of Kvell Design and Build LLC. She is an exceptional interior designer specializing in residential spaces. Amy strives to design unique interiors that will have a positive impact on her clients’ lives.  With more than 25 years extensive and considerable experience, she possesses an innate desire to create and design interiors that exceed clients’ expectations.  With an eye for quality, a superior sense of style, and a client-centered approach to business, Amy has proven herself as an innovative designer.  She offers a balance of creativity, functionality, collaboration and forward thinking with a structured, organized, and detailed mentality; enabling her to deliver focused development, follow through and total completion to each aspect of the design.

Previous to starting Kvell Design and Build LLC, her interest in interior design started right out of high school when she purchased and updated her first rental property.  From there, Amy was  a stay at home mom and during this time she found that design was her creative outlet. Throughout that time, she had remodeled several of her own spaces and she soon had family and friends asking her for her expertise in their own homes.  Most recently she purchased the home She lives in today that has been fully renovated inside and out. She coordinated architectural details, designed and specified custom construction elements, and created and implemented the full interior concept.  Shortly thereafter, she enrolled in the Interior Design Career Program at Monroe Community College.  A short time after graduation, she embraced her entrepreneurial spirit after dabbling in design only services and founded Kvell Design and Build LLC.

In 2017 Amy earned an Associate’s Degree in Interior Design from Monroe Community College in Rochester New York. She also has a background in real estate sales.  Because of this experience she has the ability to successfully help clients through the stressful and confusing process of finding a home and guiding them through the mortgage process that allows for a renovation. Managing the renovation and design process allows her clients to live their regular lives through the process.

At home, Amy and her husband, Todd, have raised a blended family of eight children. With the exception of her youngest,  all of the kids are currently out of the house and attending college or are busy pursuing their own careers and caring for their own families.  She takes interest and pride in playing a large role in their everyday lives.

Her youngest son, Gage, is busy both academically and athletically attending NorthStar Christian Academy and playing high school and travel baseball and basketball year-round. Outside of her professional career, her time is balanced with accompanying him to his games and extracurricular activities and hosting events for his sports teams at their home.

She also loves spending time with her extended family including her young nephews and being “Mimi” to her granddaughter. Outside of family and work; Amy enjoys hiking, working out, has a desperate love for chocolate, and spending time with close friends as well as establishing a relationship with each one of her clients that crosses her path.

She is constantly in pursuit of new ideas and inspiration to pass on to her clients through her designs. Often spending time perusing Pinterest, Instagram and other interior design related online avenues . She values keeping up with both other professionals in her field and her friends DIY projects , and of course giving her own home a random face-lift when she has the time.


  • Degree in Interior Design A.A.S, graduating from Monroe Community College in 2017
  • Licensed Realtor experience since 2009.
  • Experienced and maintains relationships with individuals who provide Renovation financing
  • Experience with and Knowledge of the construction industry

Isaac Wheeler

Lead Building Specialist

Isaac has been a Lead Building Specialist with Kvell Design and Build LLC since 2019.

He was born in 1986 and resides in Macedon NY with his two sons along with his wife Stephine.  He graduated from North Rose Wolcott High School then went on to further his education at SUNY Cortland with a Bachelors in Kinesiology.

Isaac had over 10 years in related work experience as a Self-employed General contractor and handyman prior to joining the Kvell team. His planning and managerial skills are outstanding.

 Outside of work, Isaacs’s focus and hobbies are based around his wife, sons, and extended family.

Isaac has a strong passion for what he does and takes great pride in the services he provides in this industry, but what he enjoys most about the career he has chosen is the variety in his everyday tasks, the opportunities he is presented with to use his brain and troubleshoot unexpected issues as well as think on his feet.  His ability to remain calm under pressure, keep focused on the task at hand and make almost anything work and smile while doing him makes him an invaluable member of the Kvell team.

He loves the ability and opportunity to work with his hands that bring ideas to life. One of his greatest strengths is that he cares very deeply about what he does, because of his genuine passion, it makes him work harder and do his best work as well as go out of his way to make things satisfying for himself as well as the person he is doing the service for.

Isaac aspires to be a positive impact on people and continue to learn more every day and become his best self.

Gavin Matthieu


Gavin Matthieu is employed as a Journeyman for Kvell Design and Build LLC. He had been with the Kvell team since November 2019. He was born in 1999 and resides in Rochester.

Gavin grew up in Brewer, Maine with his brother Clayton and 2 other siblings, and was homeschooled for the duration of his academic career. His Prior work experience include Cabinet Building, Yacht building as well as residential construction with which he has 4 years’ experience in the field he is currently in.

One of Gavins strongest qualities is his outgoing personality as well as the ability to relate to people and be a positive influencer.  Gavin’s broad skill set and his ability to connect with our client base have proven him to be a valuable asset to the Kvell team.

The things that drive Gavin’s passion for this industry are the ability to make something that he can be proud of. He also loves seeing the transformation of projects as they evolve into something useful and magnificent.

Some things he enjoys outside of work are all sports, but he mainly has a passion for playing soccer. He is also an avid Coffee and beer enthusiast, has a passion for 2000 rock, sad indie, and Alternative music and boneless wings with ranch.

Gavin looks forward to gaining more knowledge in the industry as he adds to his experience while being with Kvell.

Jake Fontaine


Jake has been a Journeyman for Kvell Design and Build LLC since December 5th 2020. He was born in 2000 and resides in Irondequoit NY.

He graduated from Irondequoit High school, and immediately jumped into the workforce to gain real life experience.

Jake has over 3 years in related working experience with a background in customer service as well as construction/building skills. Jake also has good communication and people skills that make him an asset to the Kvell team.

Outside of work Jake enjoys snowboarding in the winter months, playing soccer, and driving his sports car in the summer, listening to rap music and making people laugh.

One thing Jake enjoys about working in this field is the satisfaction you get from seeing the difference of the before and after of a project from start to finish and knowing you had a part in the transformation.

Qualities Jake aspires to have include being open minded and a better-rounded individual as he gains life experiences.     

Clay Lawrence

Lead Building Specialist

Clayton has been a lead Building Specialist with Kvell Design and Build LLC since 2020. He was born in 1993 in Waterville, Maine. He now resides in Rochester with his wife Ruthie and two crazy, yet, adorable boys.

Clay graduated from Calvery Chapel Christian School in 2011. He then went on to pursue careers involving customer service and care and then finally landing in the building trade, which he now has over 7 years of experience in. Since Clay has been a part of the Kvell team he has shown exceptional work skills, professionalism, and ethics. He has the detailed skill level and project execution style that makes him an incredibly good match for the team. 

In his free time, Clay enjoys playing golf, listening to alternative/classic Rock as well as building furniture. He considers himself his own professional coffee connoisseur and enjoys baking his own sourdough bread as well.

One of his greatest strengths is being an understanding person and being able to sympathize with multiple points of view. When asked what type of qualities he would like to have as he ages, his response was “I simply want to be better; kinder, caring and understanding…”

Miriah Gaudy

Junior Designer

Meet Miriah Gaudy:

Miriah is a part time Junior Designer. She also handles the organization of client files and light administrative duties.
She has been with the Kvell Team since spring of 2020.
While attending college for Business and Interior Design, she came to us through an internship in an effort to gain hands-on workplace experience.
Miriah has an employment history of fabrication, customer service as well as planning.
Her innate skill level, attention to detail, people skills and fast paced learning style during her internship made the decision easy to ask Miriah to stay and pursue her passion in the world of interior design.
She loves seeing a design formed on paper come to real life, and how old things are given new life and purpose as well as the extreme satisfaction of meeting or even exceeding a customer’s expectations. Making her a wonderful fit for the Kvell Team

Connie Mills

Junior Designer

For as long as Connie can remember she has had a love for organizing, decorating and design. Some of her earliest memories as a child are of her rearranging furniture, “staging,” and decluttering her room. Connie was always someone who her family and friends could count on for their own home decorating and organizing needs. She is also passionate about DIY and remodeling with ongoing updates to her own home. After a 10-year career as a Mental Health Therapist, and then 3 years following that as a stay-at-home mom, her passion for decorating & design only grew. Instead of rejoining the workforce again as a Mental Health Professional Connie pivoted and started her own business 2020, Simply Home. Her business consisted of helping people declutter/organize their homes as well as Interior Decorating. Connie has a passion for people, communication and meeting the needs of others. She is someone who wants to provide a great experience and service and has a drive to learn more about the art behind Design. Connie has been self-taught and in her eagerness to learn more about Interior Design she pursued an opportunity to shadow Amy at Kvell Design & Build (January 2022). Not only does she desire to grow and learn more about Design but to also be mentored by someone who has their own very successful business. After 6 months of shadowing, Connie has decided to join the Kvell Design & Build team. At Kvell she will take on the role of manager to the ‘Design Only’ projects. She cannot wait to meet you, work with you and most importantly, help you love your home!